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Our Story

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A Location
with History

The Smoke and Barrel opened it's doors to Sanford's historic downtown in May of 2015.  This building at 120 South Steele St. has a history going all the way back to the 1920's when downtown Sanford was experiencing it's first economic 'boom' of the 20th century.  There have been a few businesses occupying this space since then, but  most notably it was a women's clothing store named Oliver's from the early 1930's until 1994.  Along with The Temple Theater, the Smoke and Barrel has been a main centerpiece of downtown Sanford since opening it's doors.

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Meet the Team

Chelsea McCoy


Chelsea was born and raised in nearby Broadway, NC and has worked at the Smoke & Barrel from the very beginning back in 2015.  She is our daytime bartender/server/manager and all around superwoman.  She may be a little feisty sometimes but you won’t find anyone who can work an entire floor including the bar all by herself like she does.

Emily Burgess


Emily was born and raised in Sanford and has worked at the Smoke & Barrel for over 6 years.  She is currently one of our 2 evening bartenders.  Emily’s work nickname may be “Jack ’n Coke” due to her personal drink preference, but she makes a mean manhattan and just about any other cocktail you could want.

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